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Why does this convicted felon/Big Pharma CEO not want you to know of the crimes of her company
at this Indian hospital in Canada?
Find out on Here We Stand, this Sunday, January 16 at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern, 11 pm GMT                     at !
Emma Walmsley, the CEO of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Pharmaceuticals, is one of 75 felons who was just convicted of Crimes against Humanity by the International Common Law Court of Justice 
(See under "ITCCS Updates")
GSK's predecessor Glaxo, along with Pfizer, medically murdered generations of indigenous children in secret and illegal drug testing experiments at the United Church's R.W. Large Hospital in Bella Bella, BC.
Her GSK company also owns Google and Youtube, which today quickly erased and censored the Court's January 15 youtube broadcast of its verdict and sentencing of Walmsley and others.
Fight corporate censorship of corporate genocide!
Tune in this Sunday to Here We Stand and help enforce the Court's verdict that banishes the deadly covid 'vaccine' and other products of genocide!