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Introduction to the Soul Reprogramming Method

This coming Thursday, July 6th 2017, we will be airing for the first time on BBS at 4pm PT or 7pm EST; introducing our featured healing tool: The soul reprogramming method. 

This is the most powerful reset  and update of all systems and DNA activation. Learn how it works, what happens during a DNA activation, and what comes next.

During a soul reprogramming method class, the student learns the following:

- How to use a pendulum 
- How to connect to your higher beings, who they are
- What is your life purpose 
- Heal, balance and integrate the life purpose program
- Activate the main program 
- Heal, balance and integrate the cells & memory
- Heal, balance and integrate the elements of the body and brain
- Remove traumatic memories
- Remove old ideologies and blockages 
- Establish limits to the effect of new frequencies at all levels 
- Remove discordant energies from the root with each group of relationships that recorded them
- Unify your qualities into one superior quality
- Give commands to your elements, to work on your favor 

A DNA activation occurs during this class and it’s not recommended for pregnant women. Must be 18 years old or older to sign up.

Learn more this and every Thursday at 4pm PT or 7pm EST.

If you want to participate in one of our shows, you can email us at