Headlined Show, A Fireside Chat May 16, 2015

Colin Cudmore
Broadcast Date: 
May 16, 2015

Colin Cudmore is the inventor and founder of Garden Tower Project.  I discovered Colin's amazing Garden Tower Project via guest and friend, Ann Kreilkamp.   

​"Our mission is no less than to help transform the face of gardening and food sustainability in our world."  To us, food security is more than just growing your own food, it is about growing healthy food. In an era of rapidly rising food prices and industrial farming practices that strip our food of nutrients essential for good health, we believe the Garden Tower is one small step in empowering people towards their own food security.

To this end, we plan to launch GrowingCircles as support becomes available.  Moreover, support from customers and partners alike brings us closer to full-scale production of our future tower, the next generation of the ultimate patio farm -- The Garden Tower!