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Global Self-Elevation as Salvation:
Easy Way or the Hard Way?

by Christopher Rudy, Host of 'Cosmic Love'

Just think.  It took 12 years of the global Internet revolution for 1 1/2 billion global Netizens to connect in an instant-everywhere and interactive way. But it only took 6 years to for the next 1 1/2 billion Netizens to connect. And now, just two months ago, the global sales of "smart" (Net) phones has surpassed sales of standard cell phones. At this rate, in another 3 years, another 1 1/2 billion global Netizens will share our new 'Net reality'.

These statistics came out of the International Mobile (phone) Conference held in Berlin last month. Global Net reality was much the buzz.

A Global Village for the Family of Man

The 'Net reality' of relative omniscience -- to know better with relatively all the knowledge of the world at our fingertips -- is no longer an abstract concept. The issue of doing as well as we 'know better' boils down to global freedom and opportunity with a higher standard of 'TLC' for global TeLeComm...  with a heart.

Mainstreaming the 'TLC Message'

This is the TREND... from hardware and software emphasis to netware and heartware emphasis.  Heartware is a trend fit that fulfills the global computer/Internet revolution with an interactive interface for involving and evolving our individual and collective TLC (heart coherence) for social Conscience at the heart of our local and global social networks.

The 'portal' from InterNet to the InnerNet

The global Net reality infrastructure for a global rEVOLUTION in higher Conscience is now installed and operational with smart phones, tablets, lap-top and desk-top computers.  With the next big shift from 'the computer is the network' to 'the network has a heart', we will see the fulfillment of global rEVOLUTION with a systemic TeLeComm reboot of core social, political and economic institutions for 'The Blessing':

"TeLeCommunity" (self governing community networks);
"TeLeConscience" (self correcting learning networks);
"TeLeCare" (self healing care-for-health networks);
"TeLeCommerce" (self-employed commercial networks).

We can do this the easy way
or the hard way.

Listen to the show to appreciate the easy way.

By default, suffer the sense of separation from
the easy way.

~ Christopher