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The Power of the Heart with Host Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer and Special Guest Dr. Dean Shrock.

What do you do when life happens?  Get Catalytic!  When Sheryl's heart dog Laila was diagnosed with terminal cancer in April of 2013, she combined holistic veterinary care with a self-designed support protocol partially inspired by the work of one of her favorite radio guests, Dr. Dean Shrock. Dr. Shrock, as Director of Mind-Body Medicine for a physician management group of 40 cancer centers, taught and researched a wellness program that improved survival with cancer. 

He is the bestselling author of Doctor's Orders: Go Fishing, Why Love Heals: Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine, and Living and Thriving: A Mind-Body-Spirit Program for Wellness. He also co-authored the chapter on Mind-Body Medicine in Dr. Andrew Weil's 2014 text, Integrative Oncology, and is one of the spiritual teachers interviewed in the 2014 international bestselling book, The Power of the Heart. Sheryl and Laila had two more cancer-free years together before she passed away at age 16. Join Sheryl and Dr. Dean Shrock for an unforgettable hour celebrating the power of the heart.

Guest Name:  Dr. Dean Shrock
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