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How Do You Love?

Have you ever wondered why schools require students to study subjects they will never use in adult life while neglecting to teach subjects they will use every day?  And what might life be like for us if we were taught how to be in relationship?  A successful life is built by cultivating one relationship at a time.  Why do some people appear to be naturals at getting along with others while others throw up their hands in frustration?  News flash:  the way you love may be entirely different from the way your mother/friend/colleague/spouse loves.  Understanding how you love and understanding how someone else loves is a key in building successful relationships.  That's where I come in.  I use my intuition and training in a divination system that details your life from the day you were born until your time of death, including who will show up to engage with you in significant relationships and your gifts and challenges in relating with others. If you're feeling clueless about relationship, learning how you love is a great first step to learning how to love yourself and others.  Call in live for a quick reading:  Toll Free 888-627-6008.