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Catalytic Radio host Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer and her dog Laila spent the final two years of Laila's life in service to the world.  Laila's job was to keep living for as long as that worked for her, and Sheryl's job was to tell the story of her miraculous recovery from terminal cancer to anyone who would listen.  Along with holistic treatment prescribed by their vet, Sheryl devised a support protocol consisting of daily doses of love, fun, prayer and blessings, and service to others to give Laila the best possible quality of life. Against all odds, their vet was unable to find the enormous tumor upon examination a month after diagnosis.  Laila died at age 16, and not from cancer.  They inspired countless people to keep believing.  Sheryl, a Love of Life Catalyst, now shares the details of their protocol in coaching packages designed for anyone ready to make enjoying life a priority.

What better way to carry on the tradition of Laila and Sheryl's shared service to the world than by creating an award for others who demonstrate excellence in partnership?  On 3 June 2016, a year and a day after Laila passed away, Sheryl will present the first annual Laila Award to Amy Novak and her Layla, an Alaskan Malamute.  Layla has been certified by The Therapy Dog Organization.  Amy and Layla's service includes visiting schools to teach children how to approach dogs they don't know, volunteering each month as a listener at a local library for anyone who wants to practice reading out loud to a non-judgmental audience, and showing all of us that a big dog, even a big senior dog, can have great fun and successfully compete in dog agility (at age nine, Layla was recently awarded the title of Master Agility Champion).  Layla has recently become Sheryl's grief counselor; there's nothing like spending time with a joyous and loving dog to make the clouds go away!  On this very special episode of Catalytic Radio, join us to hear how Amy and Layla evolved their partnership that has helped so many in so many ways.  What do you do when life happens?  Find a big loving dog and her partner to make you laugh, and get Catalytic!  (photo by M. Nicole Fischer Photography)