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Catalytic Radio Host Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer originally thought she was shopping for an ammolite pendant.  Her guidance led her to an unusually powerful spiritual tool masquerading as ammolite and ruby jewelry that was lovingly crafted by her two new friends and radio guests, Manny Bartolome and Francis Klein.  Manny and Francis, based in Toronto, Canada, combine their unique experience and knowledge as healers and artisans to create exceptional pieces that are offered to the public in their online shop, Pieces of Light.  Manny clears the stones of all previous intents and energies and Francis charges them with pure light frequencies.  Manny then fashions striking finished pieces that are much more than decorative jewelry.  What do crystals have to do with this show's theme, the catalytic power of love?  That topic could fill an hour!  Instead, as March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, we'll discuss the connection between love, crystals, and healing. We'll also discuss synchronicities, miracles, and how magical life can be when we allow it to flow through us.  Don't miss this great opportunity to learn how our beautiful crystal friends can assist us on our life journey from two master healers.