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Some of us find the spiritual path, and some of us are found by the spiritual path.  City planner Tom Lumbrazo was driving alone in his Jeep in early 2001 when he unexpectedly heard a voice tell him to quickly slow his car from 60 mph to 35 mph.  If he hadn't listened to the voice, he surely would have been killed a few moments later.  That experience led him and his wife, Caroline, into an existence increasingly filled with spiritual awakenings and angels and messages and synchronicities, all new and unexpected experiences for them both.  If you're also waking up to an existence that's grander than anything you've imagined, or if you've been hoping there's more to life than what you now see, you won't want to miss this episode of Catalytic Radio with Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer and her guest, Author/Photographer/Spiritual Explorer/Angel Expert Tom Lumbrazo.  Tom will share ways to open to unexpected spiritual growth for yourself and your partner, ways to bring more love into your everyday life, and much more.  And be sure to listen live to learn how to receive your free copy of Tom and Caroline's latest book, "Simply Angelic."  Twenty five lucky people are in for a treat!  What do you do when life happens?  Get Catalytic!