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This episode of Catalytic Radio, "Love Miracles: Part II," features Host Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer sharing stories illustrating the power of emotionally committing to people and animals in crisis. 

She'll discuss how getting angry at the photographer during what she thought would be her final photo shoot with her terminally ill heart dog, Laila, was the turning point that brought both of them the infinite love she believes helped create their miracle.

She'll describe how, thanks to the stroke she'd experienced the previous year, she was able to believe that terminal cancer didn't necessarily mean Laila would die.  

And she'll explain in detail how dedicating herself to helping Laila experience fun, love, purpose, and blessings each day, in addition to following her veterinarian's holistic cancer treatment plan, helped them both transform their health.  The vet was unable to find the enormous tumor that surrounded her spleen and probably her liver a month after the diagnosis that estimated Laila would have about six more weeks of life. 

Sheryl and Laila enjoyed the miracle of two more happy years together before Laila passed away last June at age 16.....and not from cancer.  We all are gifted with the superpower of love.  Sheryl's story illustrates what might be possible when that superpower is consciously used.  What do you do when life happens, even a scary diagnosis?  Get Catalytic!