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Why does the show banner for Catalytic Radio feature a dog's photo?

When Catalytic Radio Host Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer's heart dog, Laila, was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2013 and given an estimated six weeks to live, she asked herself a question that transformed both their lives:  "If feeling unloved and unsupported during a supremely challenging 2011 could destroy my health in 2012, what might happen if I gave Laila all the love and support I'd wished I'd have received?"

Without undergoing traditional cancer treatment, Laila's veterinarian was unable to palpate the enormous tumors one month later.  She lived a happy and useful life for two more years before dying at age 16; the vet who diagnosed the cancer confirmed that cancer did not cause her death.  Sheryl's dedicating her life to loving Laila also helped her progress in her recovery from a disabling stroke.

The outline of the story is remarkable.  The details of the story are even more remarkable.  Sheryl invites you to join her as she describes how a prophetic dream, a series of seemingly random events, and a desire to learn and practice the art of powerfully loving another helped to create a miraculous outcome that will touch your heart and perhaps challenge your ideas about what might be possible in your own life.

What do you do when life happens, even when faced with a dire diagnosis?  Get Catalytic!