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Catalytic Radio host Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer welcomes Paula and Wendy, two Adventurers from the very first "22 Adventures in Refreshing Your Life; The Stay-At-Home Sabbatical."  Sheryl designed this innovative online program that includes stories, exercises, a little homework, and a whole lot of shaking up of viewpoints to re-energize each adventurer. She learned the value of sabbaticals when her dog began collapsing in the fall of 2014; she suddenly stopped eating and lost weight for no apparent reason.  Sheryl sensed she was doing something that wasn't agreeing with her dog and asked to be given a sign.  When she passed a church with a sign that said "Seek God," she knew it was time for her to cut away from all her friends, as much of her routine as possible, and her belief systems.  She and her 15-year-old dog stayed home, except for brief drives to parks to walk together and commune with the Divine.  Within a few days, without changing anything else and without consulting the vet, Sheryl's dog began eating again, she began to regain the weight she'd lost, and she stopped collapsing.  Sheryl felt newly energized and decided to create an innovative online program to help others experience the refreshment that can come from doing something different.  Sheryl, Paula and Wendy will share their experiences in giving themselves the gift of trying something new each day for 22 days during this very special episode of Catalytic Radio.  What do you do when life happens?  Get Catalytic!