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A New Year's Gift For You:  Learning Resiliency Skills For 2016 And Beyond with Dr. Michael Irving and Host Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer

How do we create the best possible year for ourselves?  We can make all the resolutions we want and even mean them after we put away the paper and pen, but if we don't have the resiliency to stay centered during challenging times, it's going to be more difficult to make our resolutions manifest.  Frequent Catalytic Radio guest Dr. Michael Irving will share ways to build the resiliency that's required to bounce back from sudden life and health changes, grief and loss. 

Dr. Irving's approach honors the value of hope that comes from believing that you will get through this, the importance of the learning of the life lessons and presentation of the new opportunities that can spring from adversity, and the importance of practicing positive thinking throughout each day.  Please visit his website to download gifts for Catalytic Radio listeners:

If you've listened to any of the previous episodes with Dr. Irving ("Live From The Heart to Live For The Heart" and "Be A Winner Over Pain And Stress Through The Holiday Season"), you already know that he packs as much information as possible into our hour together.  We invite you to join us for the final episode for 2015 of Catalytic Radio to learn many of the resiliency skills needed to start the new year off right.  What do you do when life happens?  Get Catalytic!