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Maya Vidhyadharan
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I help people heal the unconscious fears and limiting beliefs. Our thoughts in a day come 99% from the unconscious mind, some of which can be dysfunctional. Our actions are not always from the conscious wise adult aspect, many times our actions are from the unconscious wounded aspects - such as our inner child, critical parent, wounded feminine, wounded masculine and past life unresolved stuff. I like to give a talk on inner child healing, fear releasing, shadow aspect awareness and connecting to the archangels. I also channel archangels and Jesus.

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Spiritual teacher, Computer Engineer

I am a student of life and I work on releasing fears every day so I can fully merge with my higher aspect, consciously and unconsciously. I am the author of the book The Power of Illusion, a loving guide for thirsty souls seeking God. I help people heal emotionally, physically and deepen their connection with God within.

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