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Modified Perceptions is the internet radio talk show for MODWorld. MODWorld represents a unified movement that seeks to establish a new era in the world by helping to break down socioeconomic barriers which are prevalent today between people who live as modified individuals and mainstream society.

We, the modified community are a caring people often seen by mainstream society in a light that is based on myth and misunderstanding leading to a thwarted perception of who we are as…

    I was at Area 51/S-4 in 2003, the Gray Android (not alien) Production facility sub levels 1.1 to 21.1.

    It's horrendous how these are created, 2 fetuses and a 15 year old girl must die to create 1 gray.

    I am a victim of MKULTRA CIA mind control since 1963 at age 5 by then Ranger Maj. Creel Helton who was the first guy to go out with a knife all night long in the Korean war.

    My later main CIA handler was delta force Support Commander.

Join me mervo for a spoon-bending psychic debunking, Akashic Record journey, crystal energy brain stimulation tips and the serialized radio play The Story which compares and contrasts two families separated by the illusion of a chasm of time.

Learn how to amaze your friends and bend a spoon or, better still, learn how it works and the staggering physics this so-called phenomenon reveals.

Learn why TV spoon benders are part of a massive coverup of the truth. They are no more…

Are You Facing Real Problems in Your Life? Your Money? Your Relationship? Your Career? Your Spirituality? Your Health?

I have Real Solutions for you! Get help Now with the Challenges you are facing.

I offer you intuitive insights, spiritual guidance, life-coaching, and psychic clarity.

Practicing My Intuition

As always your information is priceless and you have…

Raw & uncensored talk about shattering the Matrix

The Matrix, this ill-usion and spell humanity finds itself under, needs to be shattered and brought down by humanity. It is humanity that needs to step up and desire to be freed from this "darkness", this "prison". There has to be a realization that No one and No "thing" outside of ourselves will do this for us! It is us stepping into our POWER and Authority that will shatter this prison.

This takes place…

Mareva's Journeys with Mareva on BBS Radio!

This radio show will be sharing the tools offered by Access Consciousness and a wide variety of Alternative Health wisdom to help you the listener realize all the potential that you have as an Infinite Being!

Audrey is a seasoned Access Consciousness Facilitator and has a wealth of life experience to invite you the listener to know what is true for you in the world’s current reality.

Linda brings to the table decades of professional alternative health care experience and life…

LETS CREATE MAGIC......with Gobie

The Power of the Inner Self


The intention of this website is to help bring light to the invisible world or in other words into the world of creation.

Your thoughts and emotions create what life you have.

I would like to share with you the resources that have enlightened me and I hope you will find them…

Judge David Wynn Miller, explains language as it applies to the courts of law.

KoZmiC KiDs
Spiritual awareness and understanding
for children as well as adults

Dedicated to the Children of the world...
that they may grow up knowing their spiritual essence.


1) In dignity and infinite value of every human being

2) That a person's highest potential can be reached through expansion, development and growth of his/her knowledge, wisdom and intution

KJ Talk radio is an un opinionated, and open forum which provides a platform for a wide variety of guests, and callers alike. Although we are indeed a cutting edge,progressive, and open minded cyber-forum we require that each and every one of our guests and callers be respected at all times during the taping of our show. KJTalk radio has a ZERO tolerance for disrespect of any kind.

Here on KJ Talk radio we affectionate refer to our fans as "Riders" So we invite riders from all walks…

As humans, we spend over 50 percent of our time in our cars traveling on the road. The significance of this is that we establish a relationship with the road whether we like it or not. Experiences vary and are wide ranged, depending on a given day. Sometimes we witness horrible accidents - sometimes it’s dealing with someone else’s anger that one has to make peace with. Other times, being caught in traffic is just downright frustrating and one needs a lighthearted distraction as a way to…

Judith Conrad is a Personal, Business and Intuitive Coach with intensive Intuitive Development study and Archetypal & Symbolic Tarot Exploration.

Dearest Judith,

I just wanted the opportunity to thank you again for your brilliant lectures. Your ability to unite the masses astounds me! You are able to bring a group of people together, who are practically strangers and unite them with wisdom, love and energy. Your use of the tarot cards is…

Sharing information on the here and the here after UFO's, reincarnation, spirit migration, astral projection near death experiences, angel & demon sightings, aliens, alien reptilian connection, inter dimensional travel 14 dimensions from Lucifer to Jesus, the final battle, the Iluminati (are they for real?) find out what I saw, and where I seen it?

This and a lot more to come as we examine 12/21/12 to find out the truth and what this day means to all of us!

Greg Kleva is a nationally known dog trainer and authority in the field of dog behavior, who has been an appealing communicator with pet owners in the media and through his Barkbusters franchise in Bergen County, New Jersey.

His live call-in radio show IT’S A DOG’S LIFE was on the Martha Stewart channel of SiriusXM for three years – this is the show he is reprising on the Radio Pet Lady Network (with occasional co-hosting by Tracie), bringing his devoted audience with him and…

Inner Garden On-line Chapel we practice Christian -Spiritualism allowing us to embrace and serve an inter-denominational congregation.

Our mission . . . is to help every one of you to honour God by being everything you can be . . . and to insure everyone . . .all spiritual roads lead to "The One God."

What each of us call "The One God" may differ, but just like a rose in any other language is still a rose . . . so God by any name is the same God . . . a God of Love, a source…

Your Inner Voice – the one voice you either avoid or dialogue with… which is it? How much time do you spend slowing down your thoughts and feeling? How do you feel about – anything – everything – maybe just a concern, or an outcome… Do you ever ask yourself, ‘How do I feel about that?’

Today, there’s a newness in the air; a new wind is blowing, and people are ‘waking’ up to right and wrong, through feeling. All the answers are there, inside of us!

We are all changing, and…

The program is a provocative variety talk show including social issues, politics and sports.

Join two interesting researchers, scholars and theologians, covering a wide variety of topics, provide contrasting styles and views that will no doubt, cause some controversy and conflict.

Let the Kingdom Builders in! Let this knowledge out!

Hypnosis & TM Discussion Hour
Rico Camacho

------ CONTACT INFO ------
Rico Camacho; CEO and Chairman of the Board

    Rico CamachoThe purpose of this writing is to convey to the listening and to investors who are interested in pursuing a Great Investment into the Mining Ventures throughout Mexico and to invest their money into a venture that will truly change the World.

    The outline…

This is a show of talk, NO music…NO music in the background, the foreground, the ground next door, and at the front or back of the show – NO BLOODY MUSIC. Talk shows are talk shows, music shows are music shows! Never the twain should meet!

This is a show which will first present, on any topic, a negative perspective of what not to do, so as to not get screwed.

Then, it will present the a positive perspective, using simple, ez to understand, plain language, metaphoric,…

Our show is to inform people how they can lead healthy lives. Our programs tell them about various diseases and conditions affecting the human body. Furthermore, they get information as to what kind of help they can get from Ayurveda in tackling these diseases and conditions.

Ayurveda is good for prevention, rejuvenation and enhancement of beauty. Ayurveda is the oldest but one of the most efficient health care systems prevailing in the world. It is a contribution of ancient India…

Head 2 Head Sports Talk with Bob McGregor and Avon Cobourne on BBS Radio!

Robert “Bob” M. – Director of Canadian Operations for Prue Sports Management (PSM), L.L.C.: Bob runs the day-to-day operations of the agency’s Canadian satellite office including athlete relations and development of PSM’s scouting network from British Columbia through to the Maritime provinces.

Avon Cobourne is an American professional Canadian football running back who is currently a free…

    My name is Meera Sharma and I am a graduate of NIB (National Institute of Broadcasting of Canada) I have been in radio for the last 14 years in Toronto hosting my own programs. I also have worked in TV.

    My program is Ghar Sansar which mostly deals with promoting the products and services for the home. So if you are in the business of any products and services to do with home and would like to market it globally please feel free to email at…

We practice Spiritualism allowing us to embrace and serve an inter-denominational congregation.

Our mission is to help everyone of you to honor God by being everything you can be and to insure everyone that all spiritual roads lead to "The One God."

What each of us call "The One God" may differ, but just like a rose in any other language is still a rose . . . so God by any name is the same God . . . a God of Love, a source of all life, through who we can celebrate our…

Arden Moore (The Pawsitive Coach™) is all about playing with a purpose and playing it safe for our pets. She is a pet behavior consultant, radio show host, best-selling author, and in-demand professional speaker who travels all over North America to help people better understand cats and dogs — and now she is unleashing savvy pet advice for callers on this show. She’s a master certified pet first aid, CPR and safety instructor with Pet Tech, the world’s leader in hands-on training classes (…