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Markus Cobb Knows Food

Focused on attention to detail, specializing in seafood products and services.

- Owner HWD Enterprises

- Owner Cobb Biscuits

- Banquet Houseman at Hotel Granduca

- Seafood/ Meat Coordinator at Publix

- Seafood Customer Service at Wegmans Food Markets

- Customer Service Associate at Merritt Athletic Clubs

- Customer Service Associate at Walmart

- Markus Cobb's Organizations

Mike Luckman, borrowing a page from the fire and brimstone televangelists, takes to the airwaves with "Starship One Radio," a weekly show designed to tell people how they can survive coming environmental disasters in 2012 and beyond that could threaten a large segment of Earth's population.

Read his prediction hits: 9-11, Asia Tsunami, both shuttle disasters, WA Sniper, Saddam's fall and his son's deaths, POW's liberation, Deadly virus, N.Y. Black out, FBI/CIA restructure, Kobe earthquakes, Katrina, Rita, Wilma hurricanes and all major news at

- Listen Live to learn how to obtain the best seller Moon Power 2005 Free!
- My connection with Nostradamus
- Some of my best…

Covering subject matter within the spiral of life including self development (issue resolution), light and sound healing modalities, activation of our DNA upgrade to 12, multidimensional selves, parallel time lines as it pertains to 2012, quantum physics, the paranormal, other worldly visits, channeling & the reality of UFO’s.

This Show focuses on 3 levels:

1 Soul Psychology * forgiving disowned parts of ourselves (mirrored within the…

Deborah Levine Herman is a writer and literary agent. She is a contributing editor to the Industry Opus written by her husband and partner Jeff Herman, The Writer's Guide to Book Editors, Publishers, and Literary Agents and coauthored Write the Perfect Proposal and You Can Make It Big Writing Books.

Want to publish your book? Learn how; it's easier than you think! Charismatic authors and literary agents Jeff Herman and Deborah Levine Herman have successfully sold hundreds of titles…

Soccer Radio is the first soccer talk show dedicated on the happenings about youth soccer in Southern California. Covering local clubs, teams, coaches and players with top notch information and broadcasting. The weekly show is owned and trademarked by Lucky Bum Productions an entertainment company based out of the San Fernando Valley.

The show's one hour format will consist of covering Coast Soccer League, CYSA State Cup, recreational leagues, high school, tournaments with live…

The Primary objectives of this broadcast are: To ELIMINATE the fearful and superstitious attitudes that many peple have towards Astrology and related "Metaphysical" teachings by providing information on the constructive uses of these ancient sciences. And to demonstrate the practical value of Astrology and Numerology by giving on air callers FREE mini readings of their personal Astro-numerica energy profiles.

Signs and Seasons is broken down into two parts:

PART 1: is…

"Talk Radio Advocate" Francine Silverman is an author/publicist and radio host who honed her writing skills as a newspaper reporter and freelance writer.

Her latest book is Talk Radio Wants You: An Intimate Guide to 700 Shows and How to Get Invited (McFarland & Co. 2009), a National "Best Books 2009" award winner in the Business: Reference category. The book contains everything a potential guest needs to know before contacting a host, including the theme of the show and guest…

Scout Florida is a premier sports and training information show. Scout Florida is put together and run by Tony Sands and Kelcey Dudley. Scout Florida provides the latest in player and team information, while giving listeners the behind the scene news. Scout Florida also provides one of the top training programs for all athletes at all levels.

Connecting with the afterlife has become one of the paramount landmarks of the New Century, and an integral part of this movement is Psychic Medium Rita Moore. For many years, Rita has helped hundreds of people communicate with departed loved ones, unlocking the healing power of coming to terms with death and resolving lingering conflicts. Relaying messages from deceased loved ones is but one way Rita expresses her compassion for humanity. "Grief is such a personal and individual process…

Reverend Rich presently exists in this earthly form to positively represent and to re-present the Infinite, Unconditional, Love of Spirit for all, in all, through all and for all.

Originally from the heavens, when asked by INFINITE LOVE where he would prefer to enter the earth realm, Reverend Rich choice was Nassau, capitol city in the beautiful Bahamas.

Internationally respected and universally loved, Reverend Rich…


2010 - HANDLE Training – Holistic Approach to Neuro Development and Learning Efficiency

2000 - Usui System of Natural Healing - Reiki Master Training – Usui Shiki Ryoho Tradition

1998 - Association For the Integration Of The Whole Person – State of California – #0848717 Ordination for Spiritual Healer and Teacher

1996 - Flower of Life Facilitator trained by…

Discover your life's path & purpose. Clear illusory influences present in your Soul Memory that are preventing you from aligning with your highest truth.

Laleh Améri is an intuitive coach, psychic consultant and teacher.

She has studied energy therapy (a body of techniques designed to heal through the balancing of energy meridians) such as EFT and TAT, Hypnotherapy and subconscious programming (BSFF, Zpoint) and has integrated most of them to her current…

Psychic Therapist Show - your weekly radio show hosted by Evie Kane, the psychic psychotherapist. Connected to both worlds of psychology and spirit, Evie brings to you the combined experience of being both a classically-trained psychotherapist and a lifelong psychic. Her light-hearted nature, wisdom, and deep respect for each individual have earned her the reputation for being a masterful therapist, coach, and teacher.

Each week, Evie will take your calls and assist…

People’s Question Time

Live from Melbourne, Australia, Rhoderick Gates hosts BBS political talk show the People’s Question Time. A radio talk show where you and he raise and discuss domestic and global issues that concern you and the world.

Bio: Freelance journalist, active in the Labour Party, member of GMB, the Labour Representation Committee, Stop The War Coalition, Committee of Concerned Journalists, Institute of Fiscal…

People in Fur Coats with Jahala Jackson on BBS Radio!

Overcoming Life Threatening Diseases
Holistic Nutritionalism
with John W. Hall MA, MFT, Cancer survivor
and Dr. Ward Joiner DC, HNT

John was diagnosed with Melanoma Cancer IV, had surgery to remove 10 metasticized tumors, but afterwards was informed by his Oncologist M.D. that there was little or no hope for recovery- since Chemo and Radiation Therapy do not work on Melanoma, John felt like he was…

Mugzzi is a Clairvoyant, Psychic, and Medium. She highlights paths that can be taken and warns of perils. She can also see health issues, troubled waters and generally sees a larger picture of one's life. One thing should be noted; Mugzzi always works in the light and subscribe to NO gimmicks, phonies or scams.

A little more about her abilities, she has had them since birth. Her mother always knew there was something "different" about her. She could predict things prior to them…

Want to publish your book? Learn how; it's easier than you think! Charismatic authors and literary agents Jeff Herman and Deborah Levine Herman have successfully sold hundreds of titles and learned "through trial and error" how to write a flawless book proposal that publishers can't resist. Now you can benefit from their hard work and publishing savvy. In this new edition, they offer guidance and advice that will inspire, educate, and, most importantly, give you the necessary edge to get…

It’s about Showbiz! Read the back cover of my book that I have written and published entitled “From Movie City To Music City USA” (My Journey Through Showbiz And How It Works).

The book is about my 25 year pursuit of the entertainment industry, covering everything from the movies I worked on to the album I recorded in Nashville. The books main focus is on assisting those interested in pursuing the entertainment industry, as a dream career on how to avoid the scams and upsets of…

Don grew up on an orchard on the Yakima Indian Reservation.

At the age of nine Don felt the call of God on his young life.

In high school Don was responsible for interfaith understanding by having led groups going to other faith worship at a Buddhist Temple and Jewish synagogue besides receiving the number one Black Pastor of Yakima to speak to his church and being invited to speak in his church.

During Don’s university days, Don led chapel services with diverse…


    ... to spend the remainder of time on this planet bridging.

    There will be bridges built between feelings and thoughts.
    There will be bridges then built between thoughts and actions.
    And there will be bridges built between actions and feelings.

Judith Conrad is a Personal, Spiritual & Business Life Coach with intensive Intuitive Development study and Archetypal & Symbolic Tarot Exploration.

Judith Conrad is a practical (Bottom Line) Intuitive. She always knew she was unique. On May 5, 1984, Judith attended her first Intuitive Development Class.

It was love at first sight, sound and feeling. It was as if she had come home. Now you must understand that Judith was a German and Spanish Teacher at a large high…

Money, Sex, Power: What's Your Karma?
hosted by Lilith Dove

Money, Sex, Power: What's Your Karma? The Psychic Show That Talks To The Living - which is based on everyday people with everyday problems - why do they do the things they do and how can they fix it. Every Friday, 9AM - 10AM PST hosted by clairvoyant and author, Lilith Dove. LIVE call-in Karma Readings

Steve Otero has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things sexual. He recalls the details and dialogues from sex interviews on defunct shows like "Real Personal" and "Naked New York." And he has his finger on the pulse of the latest sex research. If it's sex and it's news, Steve has it before anyone else does