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Mugzzi is a Clairvoyant, Psychic, and Medium. She highlights paths that can be taken and warns of perils. She can also see health issues, troubled waters and generally sees a larger picture of one's life. One thing should be noted; Mugzzi always works in the light and subscribe to NO gimmicks, phonies or scams.

A little more about her abilities, she has had them since birth. Her mother always knew there was something "different" about her. She could predict things prior to them happening. The most significant sign was at the age of 9 when her great grandmother came to visit her. She now uses her gifts to help people who have lost their way.


Mz. Mugzzi is a unique reader because of her wisdom, life experiences and psychic abilities. Mugzzi can remote view, feel empathically about the person in question, and speak to loved ones who have crossed over. She uses these gifts to help law enforcement to gain clues to a difficult case and give a victim a voice. She also worked in the medical industry as a medical intuitive.

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