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Gina Jones

Join host Gina E. Jones, author of Flying Between Heaven and Earth, for her inspiring BBS Late Night Radio show, Flying Higher. Gina and her special guests will discuss the evolutionary journey of consciousness that is now swiftly ascending toward unprecedented changes in our third-dimensional experience.

Flying Higher is a unique, enlightening program on BBS Radio Late Night that will help inspire all of us to a new altitude...high above the turbulence of our limiting beliefs and the dark storms of negativity that cloud our daily lives.

She will be joined by special guest authors and humanitarian lightworkers, who lovingly tap into the very essence of our beings and help re-direct our flight path toward the highest potential. Each week Gina and her guests will share with you what is moving through them...heart to heart...soul to soul.

Gina is quick to remind us, "Time waits for no one. So let's start flying higher today!"

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