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Twenty-one years ago Ean heard the words “Everything is 100% GOD, everything is 100% GOD”. Those four little words changed Ean’s life forever. If that was the case, and her soul said it was so, she needed to find out “above all” how did that fit in to her life, and what would it take to prove to herself that everything was GOD. Thus, her journey started, taking her to extreme emotional depths and highs…until she found the middle, she found the calm, the peace that resides in GOD the everything.

She found that GOD loved everything into existence, that love is what brings us together to manifest our dreams in a collective. Ean began to see everyONE as the GOD that they “are” and realized that they too are on their own journey learning in their own way. But the biggest lesson was to learn how to respect anotherONE's journey when it didn’t match hers.

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