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Ascension Acceleration Experiences!  Can I navigate the intensity?

The energy of this moment is calling you!  With the anchoring of the energy of the 5th dimension (and the twinning earth), many are experiencing rapid and confusing changes in your body, mind and emotions. 

The 3D experts would call these felt experiences, “symptoms” In fact they are Ascension Acceleration Energy Experiences!  They are markers along the way of your evolutionary journey and the list of the experiences keeps getting longer!

The TWINNING Earth!  Do We Have A Choice?

With the rise and fall of civilizations past, and history threatening to repeat itself, can we REALLY still CHOOSE to live a 5th Dimensional existence?  And what happens with those that want density?

A controversial subject and one that you won’t want to miss!  Tune in as Sri and Kira boldly shed light on these universal truths while bringing joy to your heart and clarity through their wisdom.