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Temple of Health Radio Show with don

Interview with Brian David Andersen

Book: “Super Hydrate and Charge Your Cells”

Brian David Anderson, inventor of Tri Vortex subtle energy tools, is joining us with and how to use energy it to enhance our health.  The father of his own stem cells design, Plus beautiful Tri Vortex healing pendants that use the light particles to light us up with the resonances of vitamins and minerals. Hmmm... sounds like health in a pendant. Or vortex discs that make your liquids much greater for hydration.  And on it goes.  Brian has been with us before.  Let's find out what his latest technologies are bringing us.

Brian David Anderson is a Scientist, Inventor, a Nemenhah Medicine Man and Founder of Tri-Vortex Technology which offers new pathways that are unique for supporting one's health.