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The Jim Benson Show

Title: Establishment Scrambles To Defeat AZ AG Election Fraud Investigation. Mike Lindell's Thanksgiving Election Integrity Telethon

Subtitle: November 2, 2021 elections showed promise for reversing communist takeover of USA but election integrity battles continue. Election integrity telethon coincides with Supreme Court lawsuit to reverse 2020 election results.

Tags: Election Integrity, Mike Lindell, Election Integrity Telethon, US Supreme Court

Life With The Girlfriends with Christine Marie and Julie Peters

Topic: Thanksgiving is over! Netflix won.

A Twist on Giving Thanks

It seems especially appropriate as Thanksgiving is upon us in the US, to remember to give thanks to those for whom we are grateful. We should but often forget to tell those who we like or love how much they mean to us, provide compliments or just thank them for the things they do for us. We may think about it but never say it…so let’s say it, especially now.

This is an open mike hour with Donna Seebo.  While your turkey is cooking join in with Donna and give her a call if you like.  Lots of fun stuff Donna will be sharing with you.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!