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Broadcasters have the flexibility to change the timing of their live broadcasts, to any open time slot that is shown to be available on either station 1 or station 2. This includes the ability to change the hours of their broadcasts and the days of the week of their broadcasts. Broadcasters may also change the frequency of their broadcasts, from daily to weekly, weekly to bi-weekly, or to multiple hours a day or multiple times a week. This process is simple and painless, and takes our staff minutes to accomplish any desired changes!

Your main RSS Syndication image (1,400 x 1,400 image that must be less than 500 KB in size with RGB colors) for RSS feed readers and syndication locations like iTunes, will be created free of charge by our graphics department if you want one and don't have one for you show. Just send us any images or ideas you wish us to incorporate into the design and we'll take it from there. We're extremely good at this, and therefore need only one attempt. If you wish to hire our services for further image enhancement or development it's $69 per image/banner! (Free Syndication Banner Creation!)