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Stress is a Slow and Steady Killer!

This Friday on The New Reality Show, join us to discover simple, powerful stress management and stress reduction techniques.  

Why?...let’s face it, life is stressful. Stress takes a toll and is responsible for upwards of 75% of all doctor visits. Stress suppresses the immune system and causes exhaustion.

Just how is stress affecting YOU and what can you do about it? That is what Dr. Art Emrich and Dr. Christina Winsey will be sharing with you.

Physical pain is rampant across the Globe.  People need solutions that don’t cost them hundreds or thousands of dollars, and that don’t addict them to pharmaceutical pain killers.  The great news is that there are very practical, natural ways to help yourself at home, with all kinds of mind-body techniques, as well as some hands-on techniques you may not know.