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Title: Is Pope Francis an Agent of the New World Order

The Pope is deceiving the flock with anti-scriptural preaching

The Jesuits 

Title: Feel Good Christianity: Truth or Misleading?

Today's churches are saying you can have salvation just as you are. But does the Bible teach that? 

Title: Is Pope Francis the Black Pope?  

Who are the Jesuits really?  

Pope Francis and the Church of Rome is the Anti Christ in Revelation

Title: Is the Church of Rome the Whore of Babylon?  

From pedophilia to paganism, is the Church of Rome the Hub for the Anti Christ? 

Who are the Jesuits? 

Title: America’s Shadow Government

FBI creating terror to keep budget intact. War on Terror a fraud and never ending on purpose.

The truth about Syria you won’t hear about in the mainstream media.


Title: Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice – Satanism Exposed! Part 2

Satanism through the covert affairs Play the audio

New Age same as the Old Age

Our children on the internet – monitor or not to monitor?