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True Living is not a spectator sport. What if showing up in the depths is precisely the collective and individual karmic ju-jitsu we all really need? What if our societal programming, of hiding out or radio-silence when we are highly emotional, when we have no sense of what, why or wherefore, is exactly what keeps the social conditioning of shaming our depths...feeling our feelings in place? What if our deep feeling nature is the thing that's the most right about us?

Growing Our Emotional Body. Our culture doesn’t hold much room for the emotional body. It is considered a primary human frailty or a source of reactivity and destruction. Consequently we have been left to navigate our untamable emotional body with little respect or understanding for it’s nature. Cloaking this inevitable quality of human existence in shame muffles a fundamental source of vitality, personal power and connection. It also silences our own sacred shit-detector. In this episode we explore this with the reverence and compassion it deserves.

HumanSpirit Radio presents Pioneers of The New Earth with Sarah McCroskey