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Title: Mainstream media says you’re stupid!

Isn’t it time Hannity goes his own way

Liberalism must be defeated before America is ruined forever.

Supreme Court upholds parts of travel ban.

Two audio clips of Hannity ripping fake news


muslim burns mosque  motive unclear


Leftists use violence to further their ideology


Americans love mediocrity


GOP turning on Healthcare Bill Good

Our guest Takao Yamada, a Seattle-based attorney and entrepreneur, is a co-founder of Yamada, along with a group of volunteer attorneys and software developers, created a new app to help travelers impacted by the Trump Administration’s 'immigration ban'.  Airport Lawyer ( connects refugees, immigrants and other travelers who possess valid U.S. visas and green cards from the seven previously banned countries, with teams of volunteer attorneys on the ground.

David Gallup, a human rights lawyer, President of World Services Authority, gives us a riveting, whirlwind tour of the principles of world citizenship, world government, and human rights, and explains the WSA's own issuance of the World Passport on behalf of the World Government for World Citizens. This passport is not intended immediately to replace national citizenship, but to further global political consciousness and to serve those who have had their national citizenship and human rights stripped away from them.