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Reach For It Radio Show with Christina Calisto Winslow interviews Pippa Merivale, founder of Metatronic Healing and author of several books. Pippa works with people throughout the world with her Metatronic healing attunements and certifies Metatronic Healing Practitioners. She give us a special message from Metatron about the incoming energies and talks about her guidance she received from Metatron about her Sacred Medicine healing transmissions.

Reach For It Radio Show with guests James Gilliland & Tashina. Join Christina Winslow Host of Reach For it Radio Show for an incredible discussion with James Gilliland and Tashina about their upcoming workshop at the world renowned ECETI Ranch. On October 9-11, 2015 James will host a weekend workshop with Tashina about Self Mastery and Making Contact. This will be a life changing event where participants will learn how to make contact and master their frequencies to clear their vibrational field.

Inner Harmony & Well-Being Daily tips with Shanti Rose. Join Christina Winslow as she interviews Shanti Rose, professional Clairvoyant, Soul Level and Heart Path Intuitive. Shanti has over fifteen years experience helping people as an Intuitive Life Coach, she will give us tips for finding inner peace and harmony though turbulent times. Shanti will also provide free readings to callers on our live show.

Energy Report for November 2014 on the Reach For It Radio Show with Christina Calisto Winslow. Find out information about the solar flares, current energies coming in, geopolitical shifts, current events, and the ascension of earth with the Energetic Update for November 2014 with Claudia McNeely. This is going to be a great show, learn how all of these energies are affecting your daily life and what you can do to get through it with ease!

Psychic Vampires, who are they and what do they want? Find out how Psychic Vampires can feed off of your energy without you even knowing it! Sometimes you might feel tired, get a headache, notice aches and pains and it might be from someone draining your energy. Sometimes friends, famiy, neighbors, customers, or other people in your life can drain your energy without realizing they are doing it. Others, might be doing it on purpose! Learn about this topic and how to stop it!

Reach For It Radio Show with Christina Calisto Winslow has a special guest, Eva Black Tail Swan, Cherokee Medicine Woman and author of "Creator's Song, Ancient Voices Speak". Eva has taught Native American Spirituality for more than thirty years. She is known by the elders as " a Master of the Medicine Tools". Eva receives daily messages brought forth in her pre-dawn ceremony each day at her buffalo ranch connecting with the Creator, mother earth, the elders, and animal spirit guides.

Join Christina Winslow, host of Reach For It Radio Show as she interviews Kingsley L. Dennis, PhD and author of "The Phoenix Generation" . In his new book, Kingsley looks ahead to a generation of young adults that will come of age in 2030 and will revolutionize our world. According to Kingsley, within the Phoenix Generation, the quantum revolution begun 100 years ago and will become mainstream. this will trigger a shift in our technologies, the way we perceive our relationship to the larger cosmos, and will radically revise our human goals upon the planet.