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Inspire Possibility Show with Mark Susnow

Guest, Paul Levy, author of The Quantum Revelation discusses the new scientific breakthrough, Quantum Physics. 

Why Life Is... with Niles MacFlouer

​​Topic: Advanced Consciousness Series:
Overcoming All of the Parameters
Involved in Possession

Why Life Is... with Niles MacFlouer

​​Topic: Advanced Consciousness Series:
Other Universes and their Relationship
According to Quantum Field Physics

Ascended Masters at Work with Shirlene Reeves and guest Paco Alarcon Kahan

Are you ready for the answers to the following questions?

Cancel the Cabal with Stephen Roberts and special guest Kiler Davenport

Cancel the Cabal with Stephen Roberts

the shows blurb...
"Ghosts, Aliens holographic universe, Jessica Alstrom, on Peoples Internet Radio 

Ghosts, Aliens and other outer dimensional aspects of this holographic universe. Owner of Transcendence Wellness Center, Jessica Alstrom comes on the Wednesday night September 23, 2015 Peoples Internet Radio Cancel The Cabal Show.

Jessica Alstrom is a Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Life Coach, Medical Intuitive, and Owner of Transcendence Wellness Center (TWC).

Mind boggling discoveries in physics, bio-physics and quantum physics related to the practical level. The shows features 'The Gift of Clarity' from Archangel Zadkiel

Awakening: Revolution Through Conscious Revelation 

This BBS Radio debut broadcast of Quantum Mindfulness Radio premieres the likes of Joel Ayala Ayapana, Registered Nurse, Veteran, public speaker, healer, writer, and the author of his new book - The Book of Positive Light: Remembrance of the Heart. This inspiring broadcast covers, in brief, though intuitively speaks with passion about his cultual background, intriguing heritage, his most recent of accomplishments in academia, and in his most recent of spirited endeavors.

Madalyn Suzzo, Medical Clairvoyant, Teacher, Healer, Seer — The closest definition I’ve come up with for myself is “Sacred Biologist.” I’ve spent my life trying to understand the emanations of energy and signals I see in people and all life around me. This led to being a lifetime professional Seer able to pierce the veil of separation most people seem to live with; allowing me to access mind-body wisdom and to become a Vibrational Medicine expert.