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Just what are our choices for the purpose of public education and our schools? On one hand, you can choose the neoliberal, Machiavellian Agenda schools that are market-based and data driven. Or you can choose new, positive children and youth development schools? Where are we now in 2018? Have we allowed ourselves to be consumed by the neoliberal school agenda and the neoliberal schools? Are we the neoliberal schools we all fought so hard not to become? Do we really even have a choice anymore? This week Dr. James Avington Miller, Jr. takes a deep look at these very critical questions.

This Sunday Dr. Miller examines the many changing purposes of Public Education and the battle over who and what defines this purpose. What kind of education would be appropriate to speak to the needs of the modern student in society? What are we educating our students for? Why do you, as parents, send your children to school? Why do you, as teachers, teach? These questions are important tools in understanding the many changing purposes of education. As there is no single right answer, it is up to all of us to engage our communities around these critical questions.