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The Rain Maker Pouring Opportunities with Riscalla Stephen

Alexandra Meadors interviews Jeffery Godfrey, (corrected my name spelling) an amazing healer with over three decades in Bhakti Yoga, Reiki training and VortexHealing.

Healng The Heart with Dr. Eric Love on BBS Radio - Show #14

Love Healing System. Clematis: Spacey. Centaury: too much of a nice guy, people pleasing, always giving and giving. For boundaries, for saying "no". Shielding and Protection Remedies: Walnut: shielding for one strong/dominating person (mother, father, brother, spouse etc.) or place like NYC.

Someone in the neighborhood has just come back from protecting you in a fight, and after having him take a couple of hard knocks for you, you then decide to ignore him and put him aside for a while, but only until you need him again to protect you, but by that time he’ll be too old to fight as hard as he use to, when he was young.  This is what veterans do.  And just as they looked out for you as soldiers, now you must look out for them as veterans.

Today we will be discussing the multidimensional body system, what it is and how it works. Discover simple but effective techniques and tools for grounding, and protecting your energetic field. Also understanding what the seven basic templates to your multi-dimensional self are, and what is an energetic immune system. My guest today is an author and artist Rebecca Cherry.