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Sri and Kira Live with Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa

The TWINNING Earth!  Do We Have A Choice?

With the rise and fall of civilizations past, and history threatening to repeat itself, can we REALLY still CHOOSE to live a 5th Dimensional existence?  And what happens with those that want density?

A controversial subject and one that you won’t want to miss!  Tune in as Sri and Kira boldly shed light on these universal truths while bringing joy to your heart and clarity through their wisdom. 


Friends, if you’re tired of the same old moments…if one moment starts to look just like the next, if you've had the same dilapidated thoughts every day…they feel tired, worn down, boring…if your life is practically a cliche and you find that you can practically finish every sentence you start, then try New And Improved This Moment.

Are you sick and tired of waking up paralyzed by guilt or dread over past mistakes, fearful of how you will get through the day, and suffocating with anxiety over tomorrow? So what is an "Alpha Chick," you may wonder? An Alpha Chick is a spiritual being who has worked to deepen her connection with and faith in the Divine Presence within in order to meet life's challenges with purpose and strength. My Guest this week Mal Duane is the bestselling author and she will be sharing with us the five steps of the "Alpha Chick" process.