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How to help your Eucalyptus Tree and Others Live with the Anthracnose disease

This disease affects a variety of plants that live in a warm, humid environment. It does not just include Eucalyptus but sycamore, ash, oak, maple, and a host of other plants such as grasses and annuals. There is also now another type of anthracnose that also lives in colder climates.

What is the relationship between Brix, Minerals and Pests and Diseases? The soil. It all comes down to the soil. To be exact “Topsoil.” The function of the topsoil is to provide for the necessary nutritional requirements of all live things, from plants, trees, etc. to animals to insects to humans, even to sea life. The topsoil is like our skin. Damage our skin, and we will not live for long. Damage the topsoil, and we will not live for long. It is as simple as that. Join us!