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Title: Is Pope Francis an Agent of the New World Order

The Pope is deceiving the flock with anti-scriptural preaching

The Jesuits 

Title: Feel Good Christianity: Truth or Misleading?

Today's churches are saying you can have salvation just as you are. But does the Bible teach that? 

Title: Is Pope Francis the Black Pope?  

Who are the Jesuits really?  

Pope Francis and the Church of Rome is the Anti Christ in Revelation

Title: Is the Church of Rome the Whore of Babylon?  

From pedophilia to paganism, is the Church of Rome the Hub for the Anti Christ? 

Who are the Jesuits? 

Cathi Hunt joins in a discussion with Francine to talk about Paganism and Wicca. Cathi despels the myths of what the practices and traditions are and what they are not. She offers answers to everything you always wanted to ask a REAL witch!