Operation Depopulation

Conclusion of Muslim Migration Pandemic, August 11, 2017

Title: Conclusion of Muslim Migration Pandemic

The enemy is within the USA, not across the globe

We take a closing look at the population shift and the future dire consequences.


Population in Crisis: The Muslim Migration, August 10, 2017

Title: Population in Crisis: The Muslim Migration

Depopulation in Europe and America while population rates out pace more than double by Africa particularly by Muslim nations. 
Why are some countries rich while others are poor?

Population Crisis: Migrant Menace, August 9, 2017

Title: Population Crisis: Migrant Menace

The lie that migrants boost the economy revealed

Population Crisis and Agenda2030, August 8, 2017

Title: Population Crisis and Agenda2030

A huge population shift could be dire 

Depopulation Crisis, August 7, 2017

Title: Depopulation Crisis

Dire consequences of population flux 

Low sperm counts, sugar in the diet, what's the plan? 

Galactic Connection: New DNA Evolve Enhances your Psychic Ability!, June 14, 2016

Alexandra Meadors and Matthew Hurtado discuss a major breakthrough and victory of the Light! They briefly highlight the latest updates in all of the Holistic Doctors who have been targeted and the 70 murdered as well as the Nagalase Conspiracy!

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