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Are you living your life with Spiritual Tenacity? OR, are you living from the Spiritual Ego? Often misunderstood, this subtlety is PROFOUND!  Can they work alongside each other?  While often confusing at first, if we learn how to anchor and ignite the ascended heart the gifts are stunning. Tenacity is the willingness to walk into the darkness releasing the outcome and Ego is a coping mechanism to keep us safe in this world. We need both in balance! This week Sri and Kira share beautiful jewels of wisdom to discern the difference.

Flying is not just for fairies!  The magic of an OPENED heart and mind!

This is the time! What if all the opportunities you’ve ever wanted were laid at your feet? Are you truly ready to claim your divine empowerment and live the best life ever? Sri and Kira will share their stories and many years of experience to support you as you make this very important, life-changing choice.  Are you ready to fly?  Join us this week and learn the ‘Art of Soaring’ and what that means. As always, our phone lines are open for questions and sharing and the gift of Kira’s mini soul readings!