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Are you ‘over-qualified’ and over 40+ in the current job market today? You’re not alone!  Guest Patricia Wowk comes back to revisit the state of unemployment for older people and her own job search. Older people who are unemployed represent the largest demographic in the country and still need to work because they can’t afford to retire.  This is happening to 1,000’s of women and men 40+ of all races and ethnicities all over the country. Yes, white people, as well as those of color.

People often need to be surrounded by a circle of love as they age. They might benefit from the support of caregivers. And medical attention can be essential. But these simple statements bring to the fore more questions than they answer. Who supports the caregiver? What type of support do they need? And while it is certain that older people, as is the case with virtually everybody else, require medical care some things are much less clear. Precisely what form should this care assume? Do they need care that differs from that delivered to people in other age groupings?

Much has been written and said to the effect that Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia can steal away people’s intellectual processes, leaving them dependent on others. And this dialogue has translated into its becoming a greatly-feared diagnosis. Well, Alzheimer’s might impair the memory of those who are living with it and it might also slow some of their mental processes. But interestingly enough, it might simultaneously work to make them more creative.