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True love is the keeping of God's commandments. Who are these devils in the Vatican that are telling us to do something anti-Bible, antichrist?

People ask how do we get to the throne of God, the Bible tells us that the Lord is in us, in our hearts, so He is sitting on the throne of our hearts if we are really born of the Spirit. Pray always.

All of you that think Jesus is sweet Jesus; I know that you don't know the Lord and you don't read the Bible.

The Bible says that we are all the body of Christ; no one is going to hate their own body or a body part. We're not to hate any member of the Lord's body.

We should follow the Lord with more zeal than those following the devil.

I don't believe in anyone forcing someone to be married. And I don't believe in holding people back from leaving the church. If they want to they can go. I probably put out more people than I take in new ones. There are no bars in this church, there are no chains or ropes holding people prisoner.

No liar shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The more I put these wicked people out of the church, the more God prospers the church.