Galactic Connection: 1.Prime Creator 2. Kevin Annett, August 22, 2017

Galactic Connection with Alexandra Meadors

To Alexandra:

I am contacting you today with my final message to my Children of Earth.

Galactic Connection: Truly Understand How Everything Is Created In Life!, May 19, 2015


Sheldan Nidle and Alexandra Meadors review Journey to Joy - Our Ascent to the Fifth Dimension. Their discussion reviews a vast presentation of how life begins and how the universe was created. Sheldan discusses the core components of vortices and fractals and how they play a part in the creation of planets, solar systems and beyond.

Universal Soul Love, April 7, 2015


Next on Universal Soul Love: Sepcial Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connction

Dr Lana and David Love interview talk radio show host Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection

Galactic Connection: Stand Tall, Stand Confident and Shine Your Light!, February 17, 2015


Alexandra talks about messages she's received and the importance of standing tall and shining your light in the midst of what is going down on planet earth.

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