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Get heard by our live broadcast affiliates and by our live listener base, only as a regularly scheduled broadcaster! We have excellent Affiliate Partners. Some partners carry the live professional broadcasts while other affiliate partners carry the globally syndicated podcasts. In other words, some carry the live streams while others promote individual podcasts or all podcast episodes via feed mechanisms ("RSS, XML "). (Powerful Affiliates!)

Live talk show broadcasts are edited, coded, uploaded, archived, metatagged, and provided all the necessary text and field data for automatic syndication to other radio network portals within 24 hours after airing live on station 1 or station 2 network streams. Live broadcasts are recorded and archived at 44,100 Hz, at 128k bps, using joint stereo sound settings in mp3 format. Live talk show broadcasts are also taped in loss less wav format at 1411k. Ultimately, all programs are taped in two formats!

We update and edit live broadcasts regularly for any sound problems, mistakes, requested verbal changes, timing issues, dynamic levels, and other mistakes that may happen from time-to-time during live broadcasts, before they become available for download as an archive file and before they are syndicated to other radio portals! Free of charge! We also, upon request, edit delivered files. Delivered files (delivered broadcasts) that were originally taped by other radio networks, almost always include advertisements, bumpers, liners and station promos that are undesirable.

Broadcasters have the flexibility to change the timing of their live broadcasts, to any open time slot that is shown to be available on either station 1 or station 2. This includes the ability to change the hours of their broadcasts and the days of the week of their broadcasts. Broadcasters may also change the frequency of their broadcasts, from daily to weekly, weekly to bi-weekly, or to multiple hours a day or multiple times a week. This process is simple and painless, and takes our staff minutes to accomplish any desired changes!

Have a dynamic interactive live chat board added to your profile page. Just ask! Interact instantly with your listeners and visitors. Share information and communicate during live broadcasts or at any other time! Use it as a message board update system for your audience or use it as a way to get listener questions during your live broadcasts. Sometimes people would rather type their questions vs calling in live during a radio broadcast! (Your Own Live Interactive Chat Board!)