Kathleen Gomez

Shadow Politics, April 2, 2017


Many of you remember my long time good friend and prior fiery co-host Kathleen Gomez! For those who don't know her - Kathleen and I started this radio show at BBS several years ago to advocate for DC Statehood!

Shadow Politics, September 11, 2016


Today marks 15 years since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Join us as we honor the victims and heroes on this very special day of remembrance. Kathleen Gomez will join us as she was living in New York during the event.

Shadow Politics, August 21, 2016


We welcome back guest Kathleen Gomez to continue talking about the Presidential Election and other current events!

Shadow Politics, July 31, 2016

Guest Kathleen Gomez joins us this week on  'SHADOW POLITICS'! Freshly back from the 2016 Democratic National Convention this past week in Philly, Kathleen and I will be giving you an analysis and recap of all that happened as we saw it unfold!

Shadow Politics, May 8, 2016


Join myself, Maria and Kathleen Gomez as we celebrate MOTHER’S DAY worldwide and talk politics! We’ll look at the latest developments on the race to the White House from a Democratic, Republican and Independent (Kathleen’s) perspective. Will the Republicans attempt to block Trump's nomination at the convention? How serious a threat is Bernie to Hilary's nomination? Stay tuned!

Shadow Politics, January 17, 2016


Today we welcome my co-host, Maria Sanchez, back to the show and we'll be inviting Kathleen Gomez on for another round of talking about political affairs, the presidential race, immigration, guns, and the State of the Union speech. Never a dull moment with Kathleen!

Shadow Politics, January 10, 2016


Friend and prior co-host to the show, Kathleen Gomez joins Senator Brown to further their discussion of what's going on in the world of politics today!

Shadow Politics, December 27, 2015


Shadow Politics welcomes back a very special guest, Kathleen Gomez, who was the prior co-host on Shadow Politics. We will be catching up on what is going on in her current life away from the radio show! We have missed her!

Shadow Politics, October 4, 2015


Shadow Politics with Senator Michael Brown & Kathleen Gomez

Interview with Anise Jenkins

Shadow Politics, September 27, 2015


Shadow Politics with Senator Michael Brown & Kathleen Gomez

Interview with Karen A Thomas


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