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Biden and Deep State Control Media Narrative on Election Fraud; Use FBI To Intimidate MAGA People

What and who is the 'deep state'? How can you fight back?

The Jim Benson Show

Biden Says MAGA Republicans Are A Threat To The Nation; Alex Jones Predicts False Flag Terror Attacks

Biden's speech saying MAGA Republicans are a threat to the country is another example of the war he and his controllers have declared against America in their plot to destroy and radically transform it into a slave state of world government

The Jim Benson Show

Could 'Climate Change Joe' Be Removed Under 25th Amendment? Will He Be Impeached?

The absurdity and madness of 'climate change' is being used as a pretext to destroy fossil fuel energy production in the US and around the world---except for Russia and China. Unless our rigged elections are fixed, the radical left and their oligarch and globalist allies will continue winning and destroying everything.

The Jim Benson Show

Was Highland Park Shooter Under Mind Control? Report: Widespread Election, Voter Fraud in Maricopa County 2020

After the stolen election, we are witnessing its consequence: a communist takeover of America; 'New World Order': deadly power struggles within the CCP, invasion of Taiwan looming

The Jim Benson Show

What Happened In The Buffalo And Uvalde Shootings?
WEF Globalists Want Total Control Over Future Pandemics

Why do these horrific atrocities keep happening? World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, Switzerland pushes for WHO to have absolute powers over all nations in future epidemics; Elite Capture: NBA team owners have $10 billion worth of investments in communist China.

The Jim Benson Show

Voter Fraud Documentary Shows 'Biden Clearly Lost' - Dinesh D'Souza; Will CCP Power Struggle Lead Xi Jinping To Abdicate?

Conservative videographer Dinesh D'Souza says his new video 2000 Mules shows "Biden clearly lost" the 2020 election; rumors are circulating that CCP leader Xi Jinping will soon be forced out of office; but are they true?

#Election Fraud, #Voter Fraud, #Joe Biden, #Donald Trump, #2000 Mules, #Rigged, #CCP Power Struggle

The Jim Benson Show

First Request for Preliminary Injunction To Bar Use of Voting Machines Filed in Az; Vote Fraud Documentary 2000 Mules To Be Released; Musk Buys Twitter

The Jim Benson Show

The dam of denial and silence about the stolen 2020 election is breaking; it's time to conclusively establish election integrity

There's enough clear evidence of election irregularities, fraud and malfeasance in at least three states to nullify the  2020 presidential election; it's time to decouple and end our dependence on communist China

The Jim Benson Show

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Joe Biden is the True Illegitimate President;2020 Election Fraud Proof Is Being Acknowledged; Startling Development in Hunter Biden Laptop Story

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Besides it becoming more and more evident that Joe Biden was elected via massive fraud; revelations from his drug-addicted son Hunter's abandoned laptop raise, among other issues, possible espionage