Delusion, July 22, 2014


Insight Out...the Naked Truth

Title: Delusion

You Bout Ready, June 24, 2014


You Bout Ready with Marty Ford. Power up your power with insight and humor!

You Bout Ready, June 17, 2014


You Bout Ready with Marty Ford. Power up your power with insight and humor!

The Within, April 29, 2014


At last Tuesday's episode of "Insight Out--the Naked Truth" we focused on "The Within"  We shared a story that I wrote many years ago based on the image/metaphor of a Geod.  The story is called, "The Doegs" and is about a "craggy bunch of creatures who are afraid to look within, until they are forced to with surprising results.

Feelings, the Language of Relationship, April 15, 2014


How powerful and important are our feelings? Beginning with his original poem, "Feelings, the Language of Relationship," Rochelle and Errol probe this all important (and sometimes all-consuming) human expression.

More--Expanding into the Cosmos, April 8, 2014


In this episode off "Insight Out, the Naked Truth" we find our hero and heroine really stepping out into the unknown to see what's out there. With a rich variety of music and their usual combination of penetrating insights and silliness, the Striders probe the mystery.  Find out what they've discovered about our universe potential.

The Exchange, April 1, 2014


"The Exchange"

Everything that happens is a result of an exchange.  Improving the quality of those exchanges improves the quality of our lives. Please join us this next Tuesday as we probe the subject of making the exchange.  I trust that your life will be richer for it. 

The Journey, March 25, 2014


This coming Tuesday night's program is called The Journey. We plan to take a look at our lives from the perspective of being on a grand adventure. What is the nature of that journey and how do we make the most of it? As the Urantia book says,

Playing Your Part, March 18, 2014



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