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"Go Figure"

I mean who would ever have thought that at our age, Rochelle and I would still be broadcasting our show "Insight Out--the Naked Truth"  Go Figure
So we decided to make Go Figure our featured phrase for tonight's program.

​Here's a sampling of some "Go Figure's"  that we might discuss:

A very weird species like human beings would show up on some tiny planet in a vast universe--Go Figure

The most dangerous issue affecting our lives (Climate de-stabilization) gets almost no mention by prospective presidential candidates --Go Figure

When you listen to my show, you’ll be wondering what you mean when you say he has no class.  Class is one of those elusive concepts that you can’t readily identify, but you know what it is the moment you see it.  You can’t buy class; you can’t inherit it.  Having class is just one of those things that certain people have and carry inside them for a lifetime without really knowing what it is, but you act on it everyday of your life: you can feel it inside.