Garry Davis

Galactic Connection: World Citizenship: Passports and Principles, December 20, 2016

David Gallup, a human rights lawyer, President of World Services Authority, gives us a riveting, whirlwind tour of the principles of world citizenship, world government, and human rights, and explains the WSA's own issuance of the World Passport on behalf of the World Government for World Citizens.

Universal Soul Love Radio Interview with Attorney David Gallup CEO of the World Service Authority, September 27, 2016

Universal Soul Love with David Love and Dr. Lana Love

Detective David Love interviews special guest Attorney David Gallup of the World Service Authority. David Gallup is a past guest on Universal Soul Love Radio.

David will be talking about recent developments and projects at the World Service Authority, as well as an intriguing discussion on the philosophical and legal aspects of sovereignty and freedom.

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