Galactic History

Galactic Connection: Nighttime Lightwork and the Galactic History of Starseed Soulstreams on Earth, September 27, 2016

This is the first eye-opening interview of an ongoing series that Alexandra will be conducting with Liahra. Liahra may be unknown to many in the GC community - but not for long. This is a riveting, mind-bending journey - an hour that passes fast but takes one to astonishing dimensional heights and historical depths.

Galactic Connection: Who Are The Guardians? Part 2, February 2, 2016

Alexandra Meadors and Bibi Tinsley continue their in-depth conversation from Part 1 about Alexandra's background, and the profound wisdom and knowledge she holds. In Part 2, Alexandra is again interviewed by Bibi, and Alexandra reveals more about the history of the Mission she is on. What is a Guardian? Where do the Guardians fit in regarding the bigger picture?

Galactic Connection: Insights and Revelations, January 19, 2016

Alexandra Meadors finds herself on the other side of the microphone in this interview! Alexandra has a stellar record of amazing interviews under her belt; however, she is usually always asking questions about her interviewee. Bibi Tinsley has been just as curious as so many others about Alexandra's background, and the profound wisdom and knowledge she holds.

A Fireside Chat, November 16, 2013

Guest ANDREW BARTZIS filmed a series of 20 videos at Mt. Shasta, reading our Galactic History directly from the Akashic records.  I was there to interview him during this time on the day of the Summer Solstice and "Super Full Moon" which followed. There are 20 half-hour videos.

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