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Spiritual Activist with Rahasya Uncensored


The erosion of our connection with spirit is obvious in today's world; but why and how is this happening? It's not because our adversaries are social genius's, they are bumbling mumbling fools. It's happening from principalities...not flesh & blood. How did we degenerate from our founding fathers and true patriots to a bunch of screaming wanna-be dictators? The answer might surprise you...give me your thoughts,

Johnny Blue Star & Dr. Hugo Rodier, an integrative physician with a concern for the political health of the citizens of the U.S.- discuss immigration policies in the United States from a spiritual perspective- based on the words and principles defined by the Declaration and the Constitution.

America was founded upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Listen to quotes from several of the Founding Fathers and their thoughts on what the impact Christianity had on the foundation of the USA.

More muslim attacks during ramadan.