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Signs of Life with Bob Ginsberg


Thursday, May 9th

8:00 PM Eastern (check your time zone)

Host: Roman Karpishka

Guest: #FFFCertifiedMedium Sirry Berndsen

Forever Family Foundation Certified Medium Sirry Berndsen

Signs of Life with Bob Ginsberg

Joe Perreta hosting Mediums & Messages on Signs of Life talk radio.

Interviewing certified guest medium Sirry Berndsen

Luminescence, Common Sense Spirituality with Sharón Lynn Wyeth

Luminescence with Sharón Lynn Wyeth and guest Susan Rowlen

Our topic today is empathy vs sympathy. What is the difference energy wise between empathy and sympathy? How does one develop more empathy? Does empathy have anything to do with psychic skills? How is empathy related to compassion? It is said that Jesus had more compassion than anyone else which is why people were drawn to him, so how do we become more compassionate? Is there a limit to empathy or compassion or circumstances where these traits don’t serve us?

Paradigm Shifters with Veronica Entwistle

Paradigm Shifters presents Holistic Law with J. Kim Wright

This week on Paradigm Shifters:

Cutting Edge Law - Holistic Law

Today on Conscious Conversations, Joan and Janet talk about Attracting Patterns and Consciousness. In response to a client question we discussed how we engage with energetic patterns. As Consciousness we see this as an opportunity for making new choices.  It's important to be neutral, to respond rather than react. If you are blaming (yourself or others) you are viewing things as your personality.  Joan and Janet share personal situations where they have interacted with family patterns yet still held a greater awareness.

Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet

Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet

Today on Conscious Conversations Joan and Janet talk about how we each experience Consciousness. They explain ways we notice energy. How do we utilize our sensory experience? Do we feel our way into it, do we see it, or sense it in some other fashion? They invite you to remember how it was as an infant or toddler, filled with wonder and curiosity.