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Planetary Ascension and Shakti Exchange!  What is happening to your world?  Part Two

After a month of energy exchange, world events and discussing everything from life after death to the illusion of the Ebola “threat”, Sri and Kira are ready to share more! 

Moving forward from their amazingly powerful teaching show that opened this month be sure to be present as they close November and share about what to expect in December.

This is a live show and be sure to get into the cue and join in the conversation with your questions, comments and soul reading requests!  

The Myth of Ebola and the Truth of your Healing Power

The “threat” of Ebola is a myth that is being propagated to assist humanity to stay in fear!  As the world embraces the rise of Shakti and the expansion of the energy of momentum, the energy of this media storm is important to gaze at.  Are you falling more and more into fear or are you able to ride the wave of the illusion and embrace the truth?

DEBORAH BURGER RN - Co-Founder of National Nurses United speaks about the recent Ebola crisis at the Dallas Hospital in Texas and her organization's concern over the safety of healthcareworkers there and across the USA as this disease spreads.  Deborah takes questions from around the world addressing concerns of listeners.

JANE ORIENT MD - Executive Director of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons speaks about Ebol and the current handling by the CDC.  Dr. Orient discusses the nature of Ebola, its transmission, use as a possible weapon, treatment and incubation period as well as taking questions from our audience.

CJ PETERS MD - retired Ebola Researcher, Infectious Disease expert, who lead the Zaire/Africa campaign against Ebola speaks about Ebola's history and answers questions from callers across the USA about their concerns regarding this disease/epidemic.