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SpirituallyRAW The Ass Whipping Truth with April and Ajay Matta

CHAKRAS=DIMENSIONS. TimeLine Wars, Ascension, Polarity, Artificial Intelligence, Greys, Divine Feminine, 3D-5D, LIVE Chakra Meditation Check-Up, Unity Consciousness, Kundalini Energy, Adrenochrome.

Guest, Cherie Lassiter, Psychic/Medium and Author of THE Amata's Choice, based on Cherie's own past life memories of being a Vestal Virgin in ancient Rome, and the connection of today's current events, the collapse of an empire, pedophilia, blood sacrifice, and restructuring and rebuilding of our world.

New Realities with Alan Steinfeld

Divine Feminine - Val Marie, Nina Starsong, Shekina Rose, Kai Shanti and Ali Storm

Ashli and Laura delve into the expanding presence in the collective of the need for healing of the control program that led to the division between the Masculine and the Feminine.  An integral part of the Ascension is our internal healing of the Divine Union within, our recognition of its importance in our relationships, the Sacred Marriage of our Higher Wisdom and how the honoring of the Divine Mother will support our shift out of the endless cycles of violence and destruction into the Higher Realm we choose to live in.

Mother’s Day Special: The Power and Significance of the Rise of the Sacred Divine Feminine

Mastery is only gained through self-conscious effort, one must apply it to get results, just wishing won't do it.
- St. Germaine


Do you feel a presence? That presence is not your mind; but is your Soul.  

The mind might be lost in contemplation, wonder or daydreaming as the  inner dialogue happens in the presence of the soul. So let's instead  take a  few moments to become aware and  just ...   

                             B   R   E   A   T   H

Pure Soul expression ignites your Soul & Transform your life !